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Mother's Day Celebration
Event Start Date : 10/05/2019 Event End Date 10/05/2019

“The true embodiement of God – The Mother who nurtured us in her womb with her love, care and affection, who toils hard day & night, either as a homemaker or as a working woman to make our lives comfortable, is no less than a God to us, So never forget to hug your mother every day you wake up.”

The gem words of Principal Dr. Mamta Goel touched to the core many a heart making the emotions run high not only among elder grownups but little children too.

To commemorate the sacrifice and unconditional love of Mother, Mother’s day was celebrated on the premises of the school, with the sentiments, feelings, emotions fervently expressed in forms of poetry, speech and songs by all your houses of the school.

Simultaneously the very values of life taught to us by our parents were well commorated in the form of Bulletin Board competition on the topic ‘Values of life’ – Dharma, Ahimsa, Vivek and Satya.

The aesthetism and grace, the meticulous hand and perspicuity with which the students displayed their skills on the board was highly cvommendable and applauding.

The entire morning being devoted to Mother’s love, different activities as a Letter to Mother, Bag making for Mother, Card for Mother, were held classwise. The children came up with stupendous creations.