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A Sapling needs not just Water but Sun, air and appropriate environment too to attain the shape of a full fledged plant or a tree. Similarly, a child needs to be nurtured with all the essential ingredients of love, care, values, emotional skills, motor skills and other life skills to acquire a status of a noble man hood or woman hood.The child undergoes varied changes at different stages of life. In the initial stage of childhood, he/she is brimming with immense energy and stamina. His/her motor skills are at its best, which need to be channelized into right direction through the plethora of interesting playful activities in the form of dance, aerobics, gymnastics and outdoor games. As his mental development also starts catching up at a good pace, he/she is exposed to the variety of mental activities too. We aim at bolstering both the mental and motor skills of our children by providing them with ample platform to showcase their talents and carve a niche for themselves in their future. It has been heartening to find our reticent bunch of students brimming with unbound confidence after having been provided with an opportunity to perform first time on the stage. Harnessing the dormant potential of every child and empowering him/her with the knowledge beyond the classroom teaching has been our constant endeavour towards their overall development. Hence the myriad of activities. They in the form of Science, literary quiz and exhibitions or be they in the form of debates, declamations, dramatics, dance or painting. All play a vital role in casting their nectarian spell on our visionary Arya Sumans – The Arya Purush in the making.

While concluding with my view points, I would like to got the steps of "My Arya Sumans inthe making ' towards their desired goals in life wiht unflinching faith in themselves.

Always Remembe:- " A pessimist sees the difficulty  in every opportunity while An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."


(Dr. Mamta Goel)
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